Change Messenger Plus! Live skin without opening the app?

I accidentally applied a skin that seems to be corrupted, and causes the app to crash immediately upon opening. How do I change the skin without opening the app?

Reinstall WLM, it’s the easier way (that i know)

I’d really prefer not to… I’ll lose all my customization, and I’lll have to carefully change all my settings back to the way they were before I reinstalled it. Plus, it’s tedious to install software because my computer is slow.

Maybe trying replace theme files, or delete corrupted ones

You can fix this by going into the registry, heading to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Patchou\Messenger Plus! Live\GlobalSettings\Skins key, delete the CurrentSkin CurrentSkin string value and restart Messenger.

Alternatively, you can download/run this .reg file to import the change, and then restart Messenger for the same result.


Thanks! It worked.

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