Change in connectivity of WLM 2009

Am trying regularly to sign in.
It is agains all odds but I refuse to give up.
Up till now I could see that the server accepted it as when I entered a faulty password, I used to get a message that the password is not correct.
A couple of weeks ago it changed and now also with a faulty password geting a message that keyports azre blocked.
I hope Jonathan will read this report as I need help with Butterfly which is signing in but not loading the contac list. I wish I could get a tool to generat diagnostics in order to solve the problem.

It cannot sign in anymore, because the msnp18 protocol is no longer accepted by the messenger servers.
No matter how often you try, it simply wont sign in.
There are a very few servers wo are still accepting connections over HTTP, but those are used for other things.

its like 2 people with diffrent languages trying to communicate with eachother.
One speaks Chinees, other Italian.
it simply doesnt work.