CatMessenger Reborn UPDATE (9/13/18)

So seeing @veselcraft’s chat program, I decided to make my own. Some may say: “Don’t you already have CatMessnger?” Well CatMessenger was something I created back when I only knew batch and I used A-patch. Time to make a more proper piece of software. With REAL CODE! It isn’t finished yet. Due to some stupid error about Winsock, you will need to have Visual Basic 6 installed. (Or go by @TReKiE’s solution which is 78 times better.) (I will not put a link for getting VB6 since I do not promote piracy.) Also @OhHelloThereImTheGuy is helping me with the project. And here’s a public beta. It may disappoint you, but the final version will be much better. (5.3 KB)
Other things:
You can now apply to be a dev! To become one, send in your résumé at (
Making a server:
Want to make a server? Just click the host button! Want it to go online? Port forward your PC’s local IP in your router settings and the port is: 1234 (TCP and UDP) Then use noIP and people can connect to that via my chat program!
Things that don’t work:
Custom protocol
Buddy List
Chat Logs
OS Compatibility:
Windows 95 (Not sure)
Windows 98 (Should work)
Windows 2000 (Tested and working)
Windows ME (Should work)
Windows XP (Tested and working)
Windows Vista (Should work)
Windows 7 (Should work)
Windows 8 and 8.1 (Should work)
Windows 10 (Tested and working)
If you have tested this on an OS and found that it works, please tell me. Also if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask them. -WindowsXPCat2008 :cat2:


Great it can work on Windows me!

win10 1803

Lol its vb6

i’m gonna look at this program and see if it’s worthy

great it doesnt work

Its beta daaa

The easiest way to solve this is to drop the MSWINSCK control (55.7 KB) into \Windows\SysWOW64, then bring up the Run box (Windows KeyR) and paste in:

regsvr32 \windows\syswow64\mswinsck.ocx

but instead of hitting OK or pressing Enter, press CTRLSHIFTENTER, confirm the administrative use and then you’re good to go for this and other software that might use it.


Sorry that you have this error, it’s just a modified version of an VERY EARLY beta. (That’s not very hidden by the the text “Beta2” at the top.) This should be fixed in the first actual release that isn’t a beta.

my computer doesn’t have syswow64

Only 64-Bit PCs have that folder. You might be able to just make one where it’s supposed to be.

that didn’t work

It might work if you drop it into System32 and then do

Without “syswow64” put System32

Here are the first problems with Catmsg

that worked! now we know it runs on xp

You’re welcome :smiley:

Yay! Now lets try on windows 2000 or me

W2K already works. :cat2:

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now when i try to do anything it says runtime error. is that because i didn’t do anything with my router