CatMessenger 1.0 (A Messenger Mod by WindowsXPCat2008)

CatMessenger is a mod I’ve created for everyone to have fun with.

Features include:

-Built in MSN Polygamy
-No Nudge Limit (please use responsibly!)
-Added Sign Out Button
-500 Character Limit For Your Personal Message
-Clicking on your Display Picture changes it now
-Add Contact Bar Moved
-Added games (may or may not be working)
-WinAMP Plugin
-No FTP (File Transfer Protection)

More features might be added in the future.
Download: CatMessenger (3.5 MB)
Just replace your MSN Messenger 7.5 exe with this one for the program to work.


wow!! this looks nice! im going to try it out

cool and good

Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

does it have any cats though

Not really.

a catmessenger with no cats? impossible! /s

I don’t mind tbh

It was just the name I chose.


Only works for MSN Messenger 7.5?

Yeah, later versions would be a little more difficult. I might try.

Ok, thanks!

cool and good.

xD Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Merry Christmas everyone! CatMessenger 1.1 is your present. Take it: CatMessenger (3.5 MB)
It’s not a huge update though.

Features Include:

-Setup File Added
-Information Bar Removed
-Added Send Button to Handwriting tab

Sorry that i could not create a logo for you,as im not that good.

That’s alright.

i can make logo for you!

its ugly but im made it


I actually like it! Thanks.