CatMessenger 1.0 (A Messenger Mod by WindowsXPCat2008)


CatMessenger is a mod I’ve created for everyone to have fun with.

Features include:

-Built in MSN Polygamy
-No Nudge Limit (please use responsibly!)
-Added Sign Out Button
-500 Character Limit For Your Personal Message
-Clicking on your Display Picture changes it now
-Add Contact Bar Moved
-Added games (may or may not be working)
-WinAMP Plugin
-No FTP (File Transfer Protection)

More features might be added in the future.
Download: CatMessenger (3.5 MB)
Just replace your MSN Messenger 7.5 exe with this one for the program to work.

CatMessenger Meets WLM 8.5! :stuck_out_tongue: V1.2 (A mod by WindowsXPCat2008)
CatMessenger 1.1 Realeased! (A Messenger Mod by WindowsXPCat2008)
CatMessenger Discord Server!

wow!! this looks nice! im going to try it out


cool and good


Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:


does it have any cats though


Not really.


a catmessenger with no cats? impossible! /s

I don’t mind tbh


It was just the name I chose.




Only works for MSN Messenger 7.5?


Yeah, later versions would be a little more difficult. I might try.


Ok, thanks!


cool and good.


xD Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Merry Christmas everyone! CatMessenger 1.1 is your present. Take it: CatMessenger (3.5 MB)
It’s not a huge update though.

Features Include:

-Setup File Added
-Information Bar Removed
-Added Send Button to Handwriting tab


Sorry that i could not create a logo for you,as im not that good.


That’s alright.


i can make logo for you!


its ugly but im made it


I actually like it! Thanks.