Can't start coversation to facebook friends


WLM says that its connected to Messenger service & Facebook
by Facebook settings i checked all options,
I can see my friends, but when i try to start a conversation, it sends me to web browser to sign in to the normal browsed Facebook…

The Facebook friends in Messenger are all offline,
in de settings menu is Facebook Chat checked

hope someone can help me :), i remember that this worked on reviver 2.2.0?

thanks in advance for help!


I’m afraid Facebook removed XMPP access to Facebook Messenger in the second half of 2015 and in the process killed the feature in both Messenger and Skype.

I’ve yet to find a Facebook Messenger alternative that’s both feature rich and reliable. There’s a whole slew of shells around, such as Messenger for Desktop, Chrome extensions, Pidgin + Pidgin plugin, and others. I would not recommend Trillian as it doesn’t display links sent from normal Facebook Messenger clients at all.

Ahh oke, thanks for the info :slightly_smiling:
hope there is a return in te future, :smiley:


so from what I understand EVEN if you have connect and windows live messenger 2012,you cant chat on your facebook friends … :frowning:

@Verlengsnoer the facebook feeds are working???

Nope, not here,
When i go to the social feeds, it says Go to Facebook

Feeds are gone too.

Anything related to Microsoft’s Facebook Connect features no longer works as per this article. Messenger isn’t mentioned as it was already unsupported when this was written, but you can see how the removal affects a fairly significant slice of of Microsoft’s products that had Facebook functionality.