Can't sign in with MSN versions 5 - 7 on Windows 2000

This is what I get when I try to sign in on Windows 2000 now… I used to be able to sign in just recently and I haven’t changed anything at all to cause this that I can think of.

The reason for Win2k is because I’m on a Linux host and I can’t get MSN to work correctly in Wine so I use a VM.

If you haven’t looked it up already, the error message is ERROR_INTERNET_SECURITY_CHANNEL_ERROR. With that in mind I would start by heading over to Internet Options in the Control Panel or IE, Advanced tab, scroll down to the bottom and make sure that ‘Use TLS 1.0’ is on (assuming it’s there) and ‘Use SSL 2.0’ is off.

Note: I’m not 100% sure what you’ll see on Win2k and don’t have an install handy at the moment.

Thanks for the quick reply. TLS 1.0 was off for some reason and turning off SSL 2.0 as well gave me this:

I don’t understand how it went from working to all the sudden not. I haven’t touched IE settings.

I made my own VM and after some wrangling with the root certificates, I managed to get the same error code you did.

This 80090326 code is SEC_E_ILLEGAL_MESSAGE, indicating an error establishing the SSL connection, unfortunately it’s pretty generic otherwise. I’m not surprised by this, due to the ciphers (more on this discussed in the Win98 thread). I tried using Wireshark to find out more but it just blue screens when I try to capture, tried a few versions too.

That said, any idea when this last worked? I suppose something could have changed on the server, but everything is still working on XP.