Can't sign in anymore

Problem description:
So this morning i was not able to sign in to MSN i got the message that my ID does not exist or my Password is wrong, i did not change my password and checked correct spelling
Error code/error message:
What has been tried so far:
checked for spelling errors
Messenger version:
Windows version: 10

server auth error? (80048821)
i mean you could try again

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tried about 5 times including restarting MSN as well as the PC

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dont use 8.5

well it worked until today so 8.5 can’t be the problem

Obviously. It’s just that some people have a really weird bias over it because of server-side bugs resulting from guesswork on the SOAP services it requires or negligence of certain services that were overlooked (e.g., ADL/RML), or just because it’s 8.5.

BTW 8.5 does work on XP, granted that you follow these instructions.

well yesterday i tried 7.5 on XP and ended up with the exact same error message / code

Have you patched escargot?

Assuming you followed the instructions above, you have to log in repeatedly until you see your contact list. This is due to a weird HTTPS bug that doesn’t use TLS 1.0 automatically, I think. Basically you have to coax XP into using TLS. I’m hoping valtron can consider supporting SSL for XP and below to mitigate this problem.