Can't make windows appear in my Messenger Plus Script. Help?

Hi, I was working on Noggy Shield and I wanted to add some windows to make it more interactive. So I created the .xml file and copy-pasted the sample code that’s in the documentation and called it with the var Wnd = MsgPlus.CreateWnd("(Filename)", “(Window ID)”) function in the Initialize event of the script, but nothing happened :frowning:

Am I doing something wrong?

@TReKiE @Patchou you know way more than me, pls help if u have time


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Honestly, I’ve had this problem before when I was playing around with Messenger Plus scripting. I thought it would be courteous enough to like the post, because I’d also like to see someone step up with a solution. But I guess innocently liking a post is some kind of middle finger in the context of certain threads. Oh well. :confused:

I’d like to help but tbh, I don’t recall enough about it to tell you what’s going on. As long as the XML file is properly encoded (Unicode?), maybe you could try to create the window in another event to make sure there was not a limitation due to a call made to early in the chain.


Even though this wasn’t my thread (what I posted was a reply to @Megadeth58 because apparently liking a help thread in support of it is disrespectful), thanks. I’ll try to reinstall Messenger Plus! when I can and try out your solution. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!!! :smiley: It worked

yay, apparently there will be no more sucuri tabs appearing in my browser


Scripts don’t work in Plus! (not yet it seems)


From what I remember JK telling me, no they don’t work


then what tf is this?

well I don’t have that much scripts installed but you get the point

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Well IDK, I -->HEARD<-- from JK that they aren’t working

well, they DO work :v

I’m not sure what you’re referring to, maybe it was from before we had WLM/Plus Live support :stuck_out_tongue:
I wouldn’t have bothered making a scripting category otherwise :wink:

I think it was before we had WLM support