Can't login even with correct username/password


I’ve got an account set up on Escargot, which is indeed set up to work with older versions of MSN. Have done the registry hack. Still fails. Using correct email and password.

That said I created my account like 20 minutes ago, so most likely it is an issue with the amount of time needed to pass, but I doubt it.

Using Windows Messenger included with Windows XP and MSN Messenger 7.5 prepatched and neither of them work.


registry value is “;” if you are trying to connect.
Registry Key is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MessengerService:Server if you want to make a old version work again.



Looks correct to me. I’m using XP in VMware 12 PRO with NAT connection, could that be the issue?


possible, have you tried connecting to in the VM using the version of IE in the XP VM, do you get a could not connect error?

Most likely for XP users is that TLS 1.x is not enabled in internet options
also, to help with this problem, may you post the Service Pack the XP VM is using?

i am yellows111@winmessenger47.escargot, add me if you do connect


SP3. I’m got IE6 installed (because this is a brand new VM and didn’t get the time to change it) and TLS 1.0 is enabled (although the server seemingly uses TLS 1.1 or 1.2 by the looks of things, or is using lets encrypt which doesn’t work on IE6)


please may you download IE 8 for Windows XP?
it’s the problem, your IE version is currently too old.


Will do that later, since I’m going to be having dinner soon. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the help on this ^-^


You need the latest IE for XP as well as having Update Certificates installed or manually installing the necessary root certificate.

See the posts in and around here on this thread for more info and more instructions:


Done all that with no success… looks like Windows XP is a lost cause.


I use MSN Messenger with Windows XP and does not gives me problems, try to use it without a Virtual Machine, that could be the problem :wink:


Don’t have any real hardware lying around sadly… everything I’ve got is too new.


MSN Messenger works perfectly in new Hardware, like Windows 10 or 8 or 7, normally :smiley:


Was only going with an XP VM because of the nostalgia for me attached to using it… looks like I have to give up :frowning:


Sorry, well, my main PC and only PC uses Windows XP because… I’m Venezuelan, well, good luck using our server in a real PC machine


To make Messenger work in XP is as follows: Make sure that Update Root Certificates in the Add and Remove Windows Features in Control Panel. Then, update Internet Explorer to version 8 by Windows Update or manually. If it still does not work, install updates for Update Root Certificates (I believe there is only one) in Windows Update. If it does not work out like that, I will not be able to help.


I tried all of that and it didn’t want to work. The furthest I got was being able to access the escargot homepage by disabling SSL v2 and v3, albeit with a warning about the certificate being addressed for a different site.

I’d fund for a compatible SSL certificate if I could, but I’m only sixteen, so…


Use 7.0, it works better than 7.5 on XP