Can't log on to MSN Messenger 1.0

Yes I ran the regedit patch.
I checked the option to old versions account.

Just want to remind you, there is a checkbox below the registration on the Escargot site that allows you to use MSN Messenger versions 1.0-4.7.

If that has been done already, don’t know what to tell you. :confused:

Oh yea, I did that.

Btw I saw that I should log on with this method:
‘emailname|’ and it doesn’t matter about what goes into the real password field.
Is it true?

That was MONTHS ago. Now you can enter in credentials as normal. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Like this?

Notice the “” at the end?

You just have to type in the part of the email before the “@.” then you can log in (But it expects your email to be a Hotmail address, so tough luck if you haven’t registered one).

So huh, that means that I need to create an Escargot account with the Hotmail domain?

In this case, yes.

But fortunately, you can still obtain them. I have a thread on this here: Obtaining an Email Address in Present Time

Good luck. :slight_smile:

I just created an Escargot account with a fake @hotmail account.
Thank you anyways!

Your welcome. :slight_smile:

I do want to bring up that if you plan to change your password on the fake Hotmail account, Escargot expects you to have a real email address to do so, as it sends you an email with a link to change your password. So you’ll have complications in that field.

Other than that, enjoy!


I know, I know…
Thanks have a great weekend!

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