Can't log on in AOL Instant because Screen Name

I just sign up in AIM Phoenix to use AIM but when I put my account credentials it shows this error message box:

The AIM service can’t be reached.

If anyone doesn’t know about what the heck is AIM Phoenix I will explain now: AIM Phoenix it’s just like Escargot MSN, a Server that revives AIM.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks :smiley: !

either it’s down or you didn’t change the connection server

did you patch it correctly with these instructions?

It worked, THANKS!

Sorry to resurrect this thread but i’ve been looking for ages

Hey, i’ve had a problem connecting for a couple of months now and i have been out looking for a reason why. The website ( [ seems down which i guess is a big problem, but i haven’t seen any news or anything about the services lately.

Do we know if its gone for good or did something happen?

suppose either @Wildman_Fujiami fell asleep at the wheel or something worse happened (not saying death, mind, just something worse in general)

Thats sort of what i was thinking, but i couldn’t find a good way to directly contact him myself, i do think he’s around here somewhere.

For awhile i thought i might just be running something out of date but when I noticed the website down i thought it might be something more serious

i think a DDOS happend or something. [not confirmed]


Oh sweet - well not sweet but you know what i mean, good to know its nothing permanent, hopefully.

Thanks for all the help guys, is there a better place i should be looking for these sorts of updates?