Can't log in to V 8.5

I’ve been trying to log into my old Escargot account from 2020 but i can’t log in, i think its because Escargot has updated to using for the E-mail address, but in 2020 the and other suffix’s were used also my password got to 8 digits, i don’t know whats up with that.

Error code: 80048823

I have tried resetting the password (which didn’t work), using v 9.0 and changing the suffix of the E-mail (which didn’t work because the password which i do not know gets deleted from the password box if i try to edit the E-mail)

V 8.5

I use Windows 10 22H2

I’d appreciate it if i could get some help as i want to contact my old friends from my old Escargot account, thanks :smile:

This old post could have something to do with it. Unsure if you have re-installed it recently. Also, When escargot was under migration, the accounts that were not modernised were erased.

i think mine was was not modernized,i remember that i also tried logging in in 2021 and the same message appeared but my profile picture did, now the profile picture is gone, i believe this means that it was deleted :cry:

if you didn’t reinstall your client, that profile photo could be cached.
If you still can’t login, I’d recommend starting fresh.

(Try a reinstall if you haven’t already, redownload it from escargot too. If you’ve not used the app in a while it’s likely it’s still tying to reach the old domain)

Yeah, i remember i uninstalled Messenger years ago but just about 3 days ago i installed it again, i did not do anything to modernize the account as i didn’t have any activeness in the forums or Messengergeek so i wasn’t aware of that migration at the time so yeah i do believe it was deleted, guess i have to start fresh.

If you want some contacts, i suggest putting your messenger email here once it’s made.