Can't install messenger escargot


Hey there! For some reason I can’t install it. Everytime I download it and try, it says that I have a more recent version of messenger, but I’ve checked many many times and there is no folders or anything who can prove that. I’m a big msn fan and I really wanna use it again, please help me!


Have you tried looking in the Add/Remove Programs panel in Control Panel to see if MSN Messenger is still installed? :stuck_out_tongue:


Any idea what version you were using before? To start, go to Apps and Features or Programs and Features, or Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel, look for Windows Live Essentials or Windows Essentials and uninstall Messenger using that method.

If that’s not listed there, you can give ZapMessenger a try as it won’t hurt, but it won’t help the situation if you were using versions post 2009 before. If that’s the case, knowing some other information like what version of Windows you’re using would be helpful.