Cant install Escargot Msn 2009

Hi everyone

The escargot msn 2009 not worked for my windows 8.1, but only and only msn 8.1 worked for me. It gives me some error like this: Cannot install two components. And it exits but the ooooold version ONLY 8.1 worked for me Please help. BUT version 2009 only worked for my OTHER PC.

(Running Windows 8.1 Professional x64)

Your regards -Chimera32

Also note version 2009 Not worked for my pc BUT Worked for my windows 7 laptop

Uninstall Windows Essentials 2012.

Hi but I have movie maker and I have personal data on it, how to uninstall it without damaging movie maker ?

You can’t.

pirate vegas pro

Bruh Im not joking