Can't change my name on MSN 4.7 :(

I was trying to make two PCs communicate with pre-recorded messages to trigger AutoHotKey events and finally be able to print something from the other side of the room :stuck_out_tongue:
So, I install 4.7 because… why not? And made 2 accounts: and in CatMessenger cuz Escargot seems to s u c c with old versions.
Ok, I have everything setup and no probl-- wait a second, what?!

I signed in with my main account for a second and now I can’t change “Maigol” even though It’s not my account! Please halp :frowning:

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Oh hell, how’d you log into MSN 4.7?

I said in the post I used MeowMessenger from @WindowsXPCat2008 since old versions of MSN don’t work with Escargot

  1. MSN 4.7 uses Tweener auth, from my understanding. Guess something messed up there.
  2. Try MSN 4.6. Works for me.
  3. Just want to stress that you have to click on the check box for MD5 auth support in order to log in on older versions of MSN Messenger from versions 1.0-4.6.

Yeah, I know, just it seems I can’t.

Like, there’s no login menu? Call me stupid, I just dunno how :thinking: