Cannot login on MSN 7.5

I created a account and checked for old version support but when I try to login on MSN 7.5 and 4.7 in my Windows XP virtual machine I get an error saying that my user name doesn’t exists or wrong password.

How do I fix this?

Just spam the logon button a lot of times. After dozens of attempts, it connects.

Still doesn’t work.

Try to update to IE 8, disable “SSL 2.0” and “SSL 3.0” and enable “TLS 1.0” on IE 8 settings.

for Windows Messenger 4.7 I think you’ll need to create an account with support for older versions.

Nope, you just need to use the option “Forgot Password” in Escargot’s website to check again the “Old MSN Support” box.

oh, that’s a nice trick