Cannot log in in MSN Messenger 5.0

Hello, I’m setting up a VM with Windows 2000 and I installed and patched MSN Messenger 5.0, but this message keeps appearing:

Sorry if I’m wasting your time, by the way

Try using a pre-patched version of, not a version patched by you :wink:, if that does not works, it’s because MSN Messenger is not compatible with VMs (i think :unamused:)

  1. I tried with the pre-patched version
  2. I had another VM (this time with Windows XP and MSN Messenger 7.5) and it worked

Well, i don’t know what other thing we can do

try browsing with the IE in th VM, does it load
edit: whoops Escargot does not use www in its address.

Escargot doesn’t support Windows 2000.

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I know I’m bumping a dead thread, but a friend of mine is having the same problem.

He’s using an XP vm to run this version of MSN, and he’s using a prepatched version.

The same XP advice as per normal:

EDIT: Also of note, make sure the date/time is set correctly, and they may want to try using 8.5 temporarily, as the error codes provided back are far more useful for solving problems.

The VM he’s using doesn’t support IE8.


I’m not sure what that means as XP is XP, but okay. Based on some other results we’ve done recently, that may not be a strict requirement but I haven’t had time to test without it, so try some of the other suggestions and report back on the results.

My Windows XP VM supports IE8. :stuck_out_tongue:

IDK if the chances of successfully installing IE8 on XP lies on the service pack used, but I guess it seems likely. :stuck_out_tongue: