Cannot Connect to MSN Messenger 5.0 on Windows 2000

Problem description: I am unable to connect to MSN 5.0 Messenger on my Windows 2000.

Error code/error message: A regular “we could not sign you in” message with no error message

What has been tried so far: Retry in case if the server was down

Messenger version: 5.0

Windows version: Windows 2000

Versions of windows older than xp do not work with versions of Messenger newer than 4.7.105. This is (guessing) because the ciphers needed for those versions to work aren’t supported by 95 - ME. Upgrade to XP or use MSN Messenger 4.7.105 or older.

Ah, I see. Thanks for the info!

Always happy to help :stuck_out_tongue: . If you need it, here are the files for Messenger. SetEscargotServer.reg (215 Bytes) msnm46.exe (1.4 MB)

Tried installing 5.0 on Windows 10. It works great! All I need to do now is to convince my friends to use MSN…

i’d recomend you use 7.x but you do what you want

I’m just trying to get that mid-2000’s feel lol

7.x is from 2005. 5.0 is from 2002. but you do what you want lol

maybe i should start doing research before saying things :grimacing:

no its fine