Cannot connect msn 8.5 no windows 7

cannot connect msn 8.5 no windows 7:

Error code/error message: code 81000306

Messenger 8.5:

Windows 7 x64:

This error usually means the server is down.

I have this error: 80048821
build: 8.5 pre-patch

this error has different meanings based on what version of windows you’re using.
on xp: update root certs and spam the login button
on vista+: make sure you entered your credentials correctly. if you are using your password and email from an old messenger account. IT WILL NOT WORK! you will need to sign up for escargot on the site since the server is separate from ms’s severs

my SO is W7, and mi account work in 7.5

8.5 is know to be buggy.

same error with 8.1, but work in 7.5 ¿where is the problem here? xD

With 8.x, it tends to not like passwords longer than 8 characters. Try resetting your password so that it’s at least 8 characters (assuming you registered with a real email).

i think i had a similar problem once. 5.0 - 7.0 gave error 800488421 on win 10 but 7.5 - 8.5 worked.

How to reset the password?

ty master xD

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A pleasure to help. :slight_smile:

I managed to install it on my Windows 7 :sunglasses: