[CANCELED] Let's make a "never-ending" song with lyrics from songs!


  1. No Minecraft songs, This is not the Let's do the "Creeper, Aw man" song (Revenge) by CaptainSparklez post that died (and then closed later on).

  2. 1 line only, mine master broke this often

  3. Don’t use the same song from the message/reply.

  4. Don’t say it’s the end, Azeem did that and i was slightly pissed off

  5. If you’re mine master or you are using the james1000009 email, no, dont bother with mg. Just go back to vidlii or 4chan.

Let’s begin

This was a triumph,

I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

never gonna give you up

Oh, how we laughed and laughed,

I’m gonna make your ears bleed.

shirts! shirts, shirts and shirts.

Wish we could turn back time,

You turn oranges into orange juice

And I was like baby, baby, baby oh

(suddenly gets flagged for a satire reply related to a song i don’t even care lol)

We lost consumer confidence in casual karma, casual karma

once i was 7 years old

Pides que me aleje de ti

You didn’t say english songs only.

nazi punks, fuck off!

karkalicious, definition; makes Terezi loco

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form the banana

Najeneun dasarowun inganjeogin yeoja

You’re my heart, you’re my soul.

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dont mine at night

Out of date, Azeem replies are removed.

Some official replies that shouldn’t break the song.

I thought i disallowed that, :/. i guess no one reads the rules after 20 replies.

Azeem, I’ve searched this lyric and it doesn’t belong to any song, not valid. Also, can you at least explain why you gave me a description of a random logo (that doesn’t exist, no such link to closing logos wiki or logopedia) and random links to home star runner on a private message?

It’s valid. Non-english songs are allowed.

the girl says ‘‘it’s ok’’, have words failed her?

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