Can you test out my Garry's mod map?

I finished designing and adding scripts to my map, the one mentioned in my last post about .NET 3.5. And it is now in a playable state, but just needs a little cleanup.
I was wondering if you could test it?
(Custom textures, sounds and models such as an Apple II and music are included, however you require Counter-Strike: Source to be mounted to gmod in order for textures and some models to load correctly.)

Map download link:

Place it in the “garrysmod/maps” directory

(Oh, and the map suddenly cuts off because i plan to place a level load trigger at the end)

The music included (NOT IN THE “PLACEHOLDERS” FOLDER) is created by me

Bro, gimme sec ima gonna run it (damn bro 656 mb)

vents really big

Yeh, i noticed that after i compiled it. This map was made so i can learn hammer. now i’m working on a full on source engine mod. I have now learned how to script in moving cars etc.