Can you still use Messenger on macOS?

Is it possible to run WLM Messenger or MSN Messenger in MAC? I don’t know if Escargot did that.

Right now, to a degree the Mac clients work. However it only applies to some versions targeting PowerPC, which are 1.0, 2.0, and 2.1 for classic Mac OS, and 3.0 for PowerPC OS X/macOS. 2.5.1 for classic Mac and all versions after version 3.0 use HTTPS-based login with SSL versions Escargot is yet to support. I also imagine the versions built for Intel won’t work on recent macOS versions as I imagine most if not all would be 32-bit and by Catalina, support for those apps were removed entirely.

If this were still 2017 I’d suggest Wine as a more practical alternative for those using macOS, but considering the 32-bit support drop affected Wine’s compatibility with 32-bit Windows apps as well, I imagine modifying an open-source MSN client for macOS and compiling it for 64-bit would be the most practical solution. Either that or develop one from scratch.


WLM Messenger

windows live messenger messenger

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