Can you have MSN 5 and MSN 8.1 at the same time?

i want to know if you can have MSN 5 and MSN 8.5 installed and open at the same time
…also does MSN 5 has voice call?ww
if so then can tell me how to have them both and not mess with each others files and data stuffs please! or if its even possible to have two MSN at the same time? i have 8.5 now

You can install both, but you’d have to do some special trickery to do that.

@TReKiE has mentioned it somewhere, but I don’t remember where… :stuck_out_tongue:

please show me how! i dont know if MSN tools will work though if that is it? because it is for MSN7

Ah, yes! Found it:

Hope its as descriptive to your taste. :slight_smile:

thank you!!

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auh,… it wont install if it is an older version…and i tried to install on windows7 then copy msn5.0 folder to new computer and it just opens 8.5 when i open exe

Yeah, you’re going to have to force quit the currently running MSN Messenger process before you launch another version. :stuck_out_tongue:

but im afraid to install it because it overwrites folders and files without asking for folder location… what do i do for that? just rename WLM folder?

also i want to run both at the same time

Yes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Download MSN Polygamy and use it on both copies of MSN Messenger. But do note that you cannot log in on both clients at the same time. :stuck_out_tongue:

but log in is what i wanted to do to run them both at the same time

Well, now you know you can’t login on both at the same time. :stuck_out_tongue:

ow no!! ok.

i was able to do that on win7. i had wlm15 on it and didn’t want to uninstall it so i put 7.0 on a flash drive and put it in program files