Can you enable aero on Windows 10 or 8.1

Hi, guys.

At this moment I have 1 laptop with Windows 8.1 and another laptop with Windows 10. But I HATE the title bars and taskbar of this two Windows versions so I decided to ask if I can change this shit of theme to Windows aero or luna or also Windows Classic(the Windows 9x title bars and taskbar).

Waiting for a positive answer :slight_smile: .

See ya everyone.



You can get Aero Glass directly from Pirate Bay, it’s much better and no watermark, however
you need to visit the site with UBlock Origin to prevent ads and use qbittorrent to download it.

first things first.
step 1: install windows 7
step 2: install graphics drivers
you’re done

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But what if the pc has no win 7 drivers? :thinking:

why the fuck does one need windows 7 if windows 8.1 can look almost exactly like it and is better performing


windows 7 has lower system requirements so actually 7 is

on old computers

just because it has lower system requirements doesn’t automatically means windows 7 is better performing, i already saw trillions of old computers running way better with Windows 8.x than Windows 7, and even the computers i use runs better with Windows 8.


Windows 7 was littearly a rebranded vista sp2, albeit with more aero glass and new gimmicky rarely-used APIs that pretty much bloated the OS.

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aero 10 is a (old) windows version it has aero

you’re wrong there aswell because it performs better on my old computer compared to 7

Yeah, You can just use Windows 10 1903 and install cracked Aero Glass, StartIsBack++ (open shell doesn’t have transparent start menu), and TranslucentTB.

Aero10 based on old Windows 10 version, but actually it’s still supported.

Yes, they can be enabled with third party applications. Glass 8 can enable aero but it has a watermark. If I recall correctly there was a modified version of Windows 10 with glass 8 pre-installed, but I’m not entirely sure. The third party applications may also mess up the OS by enabling it, so I’d say it’s better to experience it with Windows 7…

Don’t you use Windows XP?

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i don’t think so anymore, as now he’s over-protective with Windows 7.

why startisback already has blur

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well, Actually i thought that this version of StartIsBack++ does not have that feature, but also Aero10 have StartIsBack++ with taskbar blur but REC and AO554 use TranslucentTB instead of StartIsBack++ Blur Taskbar for some reason.

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