Can you download msn escargot on Mac?

can you download msn escargot on Mac?

Officially, no, but Pedrox got MSN 7.5 (Windows version) working on macOS Mavericks.

I probably remember WLM 8.5 working on Linux (and possibly Mac).

what EpicTaco said is true, the download link is here!fbh0jIqa!rAHbzLL07oMgR0utCqPm5VokA8TvXGuJsNcHRV9QFck

when I downloaded 8.5, it just asked me to download a program from the App Store that will open the file. there was no apps capable

use my version!fbh0jIqa!rAHbzLL07oMgR0utCqPm5VokA8TvXGuJsNcHRV9QFck

thanks, it installed, but then wouldn’t open due to security risks / reasons. got it working but logging in again after starting up the Mac again kept prompting me about security again. still have a windows laptop anyway might just use escargot on that thank you for the help anyway

8.5 either :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it was 7.5

Just install wlm 8.5 via wine

what is wine?

Its a program which lets you run some Windows programs on Linux/macOS.

ok thanks might check it out. what about the constant security commands?

I’ll make an installation video if you are guys interested about it

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thanks. i think i’ll leave it for now though