Can´t log in at msn

Problem description: I created an email address for my boyfriend at and wanted to log in msn. I have already one and that works absolutely fine so I don´t understand what´s wrong.

Error code/error message: 80048821

What has been tried so far: I logged in with my own email address and it worked fine so I don´t know what else I could do. I already checked the correct writing for email address and password.

Messenger version: 8.5

Windows version: 10

Did you activate old msn support on the account? (Cause it breaks the login process for me when I activate it on windows 10)

They’re using 8.5…

Also you’ll have to register on the Escargot site. Escargot isn’t connected to Microsoft’s servers in any way (sadly).

nah i meant like, i thought it was a related issue cause when I use windows 10 and use old msn support the login process doesn’t work.

What client do you use?

7.5 and it breaks with 8.5 as well.

Oh those shouldn’t be affected by old MSN support at all. That’s only for like super old clients (1.0 - 4.7 builds before 2005) and IDK how that option can even mess up login on newer clients.

this might be related too but password resets break it t o o.

If you mean it breaks old MSN support then you’ll have to re-check the option for it to work. Otherwise I have no idea how that happens.

I just created an account and I can’t log in, I downloaded version 8.5
How can I fix the problem?

Acabo de crearme una cuenta y no puedo iniciar sesión, me baje la versión 8.5
como puedo solucionar el problema?

what error are you getting when you try to log in, and what version of windows are you using