Can someone explain me this?


You can use any regular text editor to open up HOSTS. Just make sure it’s running with administrator privileges.


“cd” into “msn-server”



sorry if i’m anoying


The command cd, silly. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Basically lets you go back or go forward one level in a directory)




i just did put something in hosts, now what ?


In this case, add this HOSTS entry as well before launching WLM 2012:

Make sure to remove it after testing, as the domain being redirected is still used for Microsoft SSO, and the HOSTS entry could end up barring you from using any existing Microsoft services.


Will I be done after that ?


Should be. :stuck_out_tongue:




after that, i launch WLM 2012 and i’m done ?







Check the console log to see what’s going on. Well, if you added the code to enable debugging. :stuck_out_tongue:


i haven’t, where’s the log ?


I have created a file like valtron said “settings” with
“debug msn=true”


Note that variables and boolean types in Python are case-sensitive, so the following should look like this verbatim:

DEBUG = True


it looks exactly like what you said.


Well then, the log should be printed out in the console you used to launched the server.


If i did everything correctly, where is the log ?

(the destination, like C:…)