Can people get my IP with MSN?


If so, how can i protect myself?


depending on which network away from msn you are connected to. such as wifi at an airport or an internet cafe then the person on the same network can grab your ip. so other than that I really don’t think so.


I think it’s possible, through the MSNP2P stuff, but I don’t really know how it works.

Be aware that pretty much every website you visit and everything you do on the internet, will result in other people knowing your IP anyway.


I respect how you want to protect your privacy and don’t like anyone getting into it, but on the top of what Valtron said I don’t think anyone here will be after you, most people who came here came for their memories with messenger, and until now everyone I’ve met here is very peaceful, you are safe don’t worry my friend :slight_smile:


Do not worry, as @valtron and @Old_Bill have said, they only use Escargot for wanting to remember the times that used MSN, not hacking or anything. But you can still use a VPN.