Can I help to translate the Escargot website to "Catalan" language?

I was wondering if can I translate the Escargot MSN Website to “Catalan” language and how do I do it because I want to extend the languages that are available right now… Can anyone answer?

One question before I answer, do you even know Catalan? Regardless, if this’ll be another Google Translate job then I won’t allow it.

Anyway first you’d have to PM me your Gmail address. I’ll then add this to an Escargot translation Google Sheets and you should receive an invite about it (for anyone not in the know I now have ownership of the document). I’ll then set up your sheet which you then can edit and add your translations too.

No, I am Catalan, so I PERFECTLY know Catalan. Worry not, ok?

So, what I have to do is give you my e-mail adress, right?

Usually it has to be Gmail to share documents with users and give them certain access to it but I’ll try any email you’ve got.

Jo tambe se català, ya que soc valencià

Oh, que bé! Per fí… Algú com jo :smiley:

Ok, then check my MessengerGeek profile, there is my gmail account, you can send me a message by there

Hey, I know Romanian and I can help you translate the Escargot website.
My email:
Alternative email:

There you have my e-mail:

Sorry I didn’t respond earlier, but yes I’m aware of the email in your bio. I’ll get to inviting you soon.

I’ll look into @The_Mr_Invincible too, but I don’t want to work with too many translations right now as I already have someone working on a Lithuanian translation at the moment.

@Filecoder07 Invited.

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@Filecoder07 Yes.

Wait… How did you… Well, it does not matter. Anyway, I don’t receive the invitation

Email. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also weird. Did you check the Docs site or your email or anything?


I checked but nothing arribed

Still, nothing arriving…

Also I’m available between 10:00 AM and 06:00 PM EEST
(Just to know)

Turns out I have to press Enter to actually invite someone. Forgot about that. You should be able to get the invite now.

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