Can i get Pidgin to connect to escargots MSN?

I can edit the server and the port and i changed the server to and port to 5190 and it wont work did i put the wrong port or something? and i have the option to use the HTTP method which is currently disabled but the HTTP method server is currently set to BUT I DIDNT USE THE HTTP METHOD ITS DISABLED, will escargot even work with pidgin in the first place? xD

i doubt it

well that sucks…

Well you’d have to cater to all of the other URLs Pidgin utilizes for MSN’s other services, which aren’t easily modifiable as they are formatted differently in the binaries (in two strings: the base URL and the appropriate HTTP request).

This leaves the source code for us to modify, as Pidgin is open-source, but setting up a Unix-like terminal is confusing for me right now, so hopefully someone has the right setup to modify Pidgin’s source to connect to Escargot fully and compile it.

I see