Can Escargot revive Msn explorer?


I want to use msn explorer again, since the msn server got shut, can reviving msn explorer be an option in the future?


I’m afraid Escargot only implements a MSNP server, MSN Explorer worked differently and expects other servers.


you can still use msn explorer as a paid user outside of escargot. here is the link to register your existing msn / hotmail account. ( / that way it’s easier to use it instead of having to implement a new server. they still have the msn explorer service online. just not for older software.


Hmm, I may try to create a test server for msn explorer, I have all the parts to build a home made server, since I collected parts over the years, and recently collected parts from a school that said: “We dont need these anymore, since we are upgrading our systems”…


Also, anyone remember when msn was free?

And I dont understand how we have to pay for it now…

EDIT: I was just asking, I miss msn explorer, That was my childhood, and I finally got msn messanger to work on windows XP, Very happy that its working again :D, and love the escargot space website, reminds me of being a one year old in 2003, being introduced into the world wide web, (Yes I used a computer at the age of 1 that used to run windows NT before my father upgraded it to xp) , I have a passion for old things, and I encourage you to keep moving on with this stuff, But the thing I wish to see the most is, msn explorer, I want to use MSN explorer 8 again…


The MSN Explorer included in XP and versions immediately after were intended as a method to showcase MSN (later Windows Live) services, as was intended as something you would discover on your Desktop as well as a user friendly way to get people online.

The later versions (I believe starting with MSN (Explorer) 9) went back to being exclusively for MSN Premium and/or MSN Dialup use, which is why they require a paid account. The current version which @iGiftedSpade referenced is similar to the older versions in aesthetics, just different colours and some minor graphical changes (and tabbed browsing support!).

Getting MSN (Explorer) 8 working again would be a matter of knowing what the client needs to be satisfied to log you in and unfortunately there isn’t any known documentation about that, so it would require quite a lot of work. On the positive side, there are lots of screenshots of it.

Personally, my favourite MSN (Program Viewer) is version 2.0, which had a disc with a rather interesting video tutorial that you can see on YouTube, below:


Very happy that it’s working again, One step closer to my childhood, Now, If I can only figure out what I can do with msn explorer…


And that video, Yeah, I got it to work one time in a windows 95 VM environment, As of today, No longer works.


Also update, Here’s a pic of MSNMSG-3.6.25


Yes but if you want to use msn explorer you have to pay to subscribe ;(


God It looks awful, compared to the old one…

What is this garbage?


well it’s what we get for now. people can use the lowest priced plan for now. here is a screenshot of the one that lets people use it without changing their isp.

MSN Premium Internet Software

Get the premium communication and security service from MSN without changing your current Internet service provider. MSN Premium Internet Software includes: computer wide security software with McAfee® AntiVirus Plus - MSN Edition and Webroot® SecureAnywhere™ for MSN, advanced junk e-mail filters, pop-up guard and multiple e-mail accounts. Pay only $9.95 plus tax per month for 1 year. At the end of 1 year, you will have the option to renew your subscription or choose a new one, or the subscription will expire. No early termination charges apply if subscription is cancelled prior to the end of the subscription period. Internet access not included – software only. Prices subject to change. Promotional offers only available to new subscribers, in the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, and Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. After the trial period (if any), the then current price for your MSN plan will be automatically charged to your credit card until you cancel your account or select an alternative plan. You must agree to the MSN Subscription Agreement to access the service. A major credit card is required. MSN is available only for personal, non-commercial use. Internet access service not provided; you must have existing Internet access service. No refunds, unless canceled within 30 days. MSN Details: For users of Windows® 98 or later operating systems only. Prices subject to change. Additional terms may apply. Offer may not be combined with any other Microsoft offers or rebates.

sorry everyone but there is nothing that we can do about msn explorer at this time. we will need to figure out what it needs before we can start using the older msn explorer.


$9.95 a month is a ripoff, i calcualted it, it meant to be $7.49 per month.
UK is 60 Pounds, which should be 5 (or 4.99) Pounds per month.

oh yea i use a US Keyboard, even tho i am a UKer.

also i checked, to my calc, $9.95 * 12 is $119.4(0?)
that, is a total ripoff

i just checked dial-up, the prices are insane:
Expected per month: $14.99
Actual Total Price: $227.4(0?)

that (premuim) was bad, but THIS, THIS is WORSEEEEEEEE.


as I said nothing can be done about msn explorer. there is only three options as of now. pay for what ever plan you want, pay for the lowest or not use it.


iGIfted, can you refresh and read my post?, it has some, some evil prices, that just don’t deserve to be that absurdly, even for these years, high.


But hey, it comes with McAfee…


i would rather use malwarebytes


I didn’t know MSN Internet Access is still around, though the setup looks like they just only changed the logo, and never updated the styling to their modern flat design, but that, to me, is understandable.


I remember, msn being free… back in 2008… and it comes with McAfee? wow, Why does McAfee still exist? Look, I’m an old computer enthusiast, But McAfee… WHY ISNT IT DEAD?!


Though I do have dialup internet for my IBM ThinkPad 380E, Its already paid for, with Comcast, So If I dialed up to the internet using the dialup connection in windows, Or use my LAN/WIFI connection, I can log onto American ONLINE, for free, But why wont they do this for MSN, MSN was free once, Now they expect me to pay for extra software that I don’t need… And the dialup connection, What happen to “I already have an account, Don’t sign me up, I use LAN/Phone line to connect”