Can anyone try this?

replacing the ad


me and Deathlife tryed ages back
but couldn’t get the Server to run locally

so uhhh, i still have the files for the replacement (.HTM instead of .DLL)
ADSAdClient30.DLL may of been some MS JScript.

How can i do that ?

people already did that with a messenger plus skin

but does anyone here know to make a skin for messenger plus with that kind of ad replacement?

i dont really know the kind of magic they used to make skins, we can look on the documentation, as im sure there is, as the last time i visited the plus site, there was a tutorial.

ask patchou, he must know

have you tried:
Messenger Plus Preferences > Customize > Skins > Developers

that doesnt exist, atleast at my messenger.

you sure you don’t see this?

different language.
i see developers.

you must E x t r a c t

but i did that

@Patchou! come here, this guys needs some info about Messenger Plus! skins

lemme find that CHM for you


I’m not sure of how they did that but here are couple of ideas that may help:

  • if possible, find some old skins that appear to do this trick (like the one pictured above) and extract the files to see what they did.
  • The only way they could have “replaced” the ad with a skin would have been by replacing the default MSN picture that used to be displayed by Messenger when no advertisement could be loaded. That should be pretty straightfoward (but that wouldnt have done anything once ads begin to load).
  • There’s a good chance that the screenshot you posted was photoshopped to replace the ad by a pretty picture in order to do the promotion of the skin.

answer 2, the default banner is extracted when the Extract Resources function is used

i edited the photo to demonstrate what i meant

there is a good chance I don’t use photoshop which in fact I don’t use it. just gimp and 2nd I don’t have those skills to make it that way in a photo editing software so 3rd there is not a good chance of doing anything to it except that information of others is blurred, pixelated or completely removed from view. sharing other people’s information is illegal according to department of defense in any nation.