Can anyone look at my website and give suggestions?

Can anyone take a look at my site and give suggestions?
May I also have an idea on the layout of the character index page, and other blank pages?

Coming soon page:


Art page (Layout not yet thought of, suggestions are open)

Socials page (Open for suggestions):

Comm Status and Policy:

About Page:

Nostalgia Page:

TV and Radio Page: (Still a huge WIP)

Apple II Page:

Gadget area: (Open for layout suggestions)

Desktop area:

404 Page: (It would seem there is an error displaying the navbar)

Character Index (Can’t think of a layout)

think you should add “friends page” because it looks a great idea for me

Sorry, that could be considered a privacy risk

hmm, i forgot what to do, maybe you should add operating systems that you use (vms or non vms)

The desktops page covers that

hmm, idk what to do

atleast woodland is the best :slight_smile:

maybe try adding a dark theme so people can have a good viewing experience at night :slight_smile:

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I think for the Character Index you could put each character on alternating sides with their bio for each. Not that we needed an example, but here we go:


Tails Miles Prower
Age: 30
Gender: Male

Miles Prower, better known as Tails, is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games and related media. He is an anthropomorphic fox who was born with two distinct twin-tails due to a genetic abnormality, hence his nickname. Tails is Sonic’s best friend and sidekick, and he assists Sonic in most, if not all, of his adventures. He normally serves as the brains rather than brawn.


Sonic the Hedgehog
Age: 32
Gender: Male

Sonic the Hedgehog is a video game character and the main protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog with the ability to run at supersonic speeds, turn into a ball with the strength of a missile, and generate powerful bolts of electricity . Sonic is known for his heroic deeds, his love for adventure, and his willingness to help those in need . He is often depicted as a symbol of freedom and justice, fighting against the evil Dr. Eggman and his robotic minions . The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has been praised for its fast-paced gameplay, memorable characters, and iconic music .

I may have had a little too much fun with making that :stuck_out_tongue:

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Any suggestions for the rest of the blank pages, like the art section?

in tv and radio page, you may add BBC

I think in the case of the art, it would make sense to use a javascript gallery engine like Galleria [example]. There’s other galleries like it too.

Or you could go real simple and just have an organized scrolling page of great Axl art. Add some simple CSS transition effects and that would look awesome too.

Maybe try both and see which you prefer.

For the background, or something connecting in with the top navigation, you could perhaps do some stars or other sky-like things, you do those so well.

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