Can anyone help me? I have a issues with escargot opensource

Problem description:
I have some problem with WLM server. A few days ago I saw a post on how to create my own WLM server. But when I follow the way that the post shows, I get the following error

Error code/error message:
The first is
I have this error code HERE
and the second is
I have this error HERE
I have installed every thing in requirements.txt but it still error.
What has been tried so far:

Messenger version:

Windows version:
Windows7 Home-Basic

Why do you want to create your own Messenger server? do you have a reason for it? :stuck_out_tongue: There is no point of making again.

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Hi thank for Escargot open source
I have fixed every single error. For now my server working correctly. :grinning:

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I still don’t get it why would you do it…

Because i want to create my own private server. :slight_smile:

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then you can use xmpp :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn’t be possible to get it to work since build tools is dead

h e y, ya cant do the server if you dont have pro/ultro ver of windows 7 :frowning: