can anyone add me on Wlm or a aim or on yahoo messenger?

i want to chat with someone since my contacts are some times offline and when all my contacts are offline, i have no one to chat with :frowning: (not just in wlm but also in aim and on yahoo messenger)

so if anyone wants to add me on either on wlm, aim or on yahoo messenger my escargot mail and screen name/yahoo id is here: WLM: and for AIM/Yahoo messenger is: ChrisGamer

Hi my wlm is

Also if anyone has a group feel free to invite me

iā€™m gonna add you

Hi there! I see that you are new to MessengerGeek, so you can add me to the following IM clients:

  • Yahoo! Messenger (NINA): lindzillafan
  • AIM (Phoenix): RadNerd2006
  • MSN/Windows Live Messenger (Escargot):

i can add You

i will do that right now

Please add me:

Phoenix: drPatrikKing
Feel free to add me :smile: