Can 2009 and 2012 versions coexist on Windows 7?


i have the 2009 installed on my windows 7 machine. but now that msnp18 is gone it doesn’t work anymore. i want to install 2012 but i want to have 2009 also for emotional reasons. is there a way (like the windows folder installation change etc ) to install the 2012 without effect the 2009??? thanks.


When both worked, the answer would’ve been no, because of the dependencies of each version.

However, since 2009 doesn’t work anyway, the easiest way to go about this is to install 2009, copy the \Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger (or Program Files (x86) on 32-bit) folder somewhere else on your disk, and then upgrade to 2012.

Then you’ll have the 2009 files in the copied folder and the 2012 files in the Program Files folder.

Also if you use a polygamy patch against the 2009 Messenger files, you could pop it open even when 2012 was running.


You cant even install wlm2009 anymore.
Unless you could find an offline installer.


Of caurse you can still download essentials 2009 which is include wlm 2009 just visit the official Microsoft essential page


Try to install it.
you will see it wont work.


youre right just saw it

here the link :wink: