Calling any and all Open Source Programmers

Due to changes in Escargot’s Server Code, the MSN Pecan module stopped working. I am looking for anyone willing to donate their time and technical expertise to repairing and enhancing this plugin.

what you mean with MSN Pecan?

I know c# and thats it.

It’s some old abandonned plugin for Pidgin, it hasen’t been touched in years and there was a fork made by some guy with a weird furry pfp who changed 1 string.

There are several Plugins for Pidgin that got abandoned because their services became defunct, and they were supplanted by other things.
Some notable examples:

purpl-msn-pecan: Recently stopped working. Needs additional bug fixes including support for forwarding Chat rooms to XMPP Service Discovery, File Transfers, and updated to support protocols for Windows Live Messenger 2009.

prpl-yahoo - An Internal module used by Yahoo IM. Since Phoenix IM and Escargot IM are launching their own Yahoo IM Services, this plugin should be reconfigured to still be useful.

prpl-aim: Very poor support. Last remaining internal Module for OSCAR. Multiple severe bugs. Needs to be nade into an External Module expressly for Phoenix. Slated to be removed as an internal module in the next version of Pidgin.

Of these plugins, msn-pecan was the most functional.

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ah ok i did not know it thanks for telling me :stuck_out_tongue:

I have received word from EionRobb that he has no plans to continue support for prpl-aim as an External Module to Pidgin, however one of my Allies has adjusted a Makefile so at least the current prpl-aim module can be built externally. But programmers are still needed if Pidgin compatibility for Escargot, and Phoenix is to be sustained into the future.