careful. youtube shorts has an infection that happened today, but i really hope that they dont get replaced
johnnyrazer beginned this ARG. and they probably get replaced or not in a week.
here is the users that actually got infected:

  • johnnyrazer
  • dannodraws
  • bundun
  • royalpear
  • mogswamp
  • peehaleyour
    however, there is 2 youtubers that cannot be infected. since its a failure
  • joe crane (because he knows everything about youtube shorts)
  • knsplash (because he knew the ARG that he is impossible to be infected)
    here is someones video of thoughts and theories of this ARG
    The Youtube Shorts ARG: Thoughts and Theories - YouTube

ARG mfs won’t dont understand 2nd degree humor


but no one is using youtube shorts because there’s mass amount of low quality content scams and many other things that are bad so no

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RIP royalpear
replaced today and his comminuty post just said something normal but the old one got replaced. get to royalpear channel and see at his PFP

ANNOUNCMENT: he actually returns today. but he is stuck in the prototype OC

The fucking ARG news channel

i didn’t understand a single word…

try just going into the vid i sent you in this post, it will talk about some mystery and glitch in youtube shorts that they are getting replaced

the endgame is coming

its dead.
season 2 is comming for some reason