Browsers: Privacy vs Security discussion

Everybody has been talking about privacy, but security is also an essential part of the browser itself, and I have seen a post on which they have been talking that Security are more important than privacy, specially in Browsers, which has a wide range of options to choose from, and also, by the fact of the situation below, the topic just gets more confusing than explanable;

  • I have seen tons of videos about loads of privacy tools and browsers to get to be the most private user on the internet
  • Have seen another side but talking about security and mistaking it as privacy (which is kinda common on the internet these days)
  • But then, there are the republic side, which is the Security/Privacy requirement by countries (except China apparently)
    – But then, some extra step of Privacy and Security could sure be better
  • No one has been talking about how data can be used for ease of maneuver and management for a such, which seems to be a little out of the map; have anyone noticed that most companies are speaking about it?
    — Yes, I have seen users talking about it being not true, but for many browsers we have, it’s not possible to determine which browser they meant, or if they have a proof

So, having this in mind, what we will be texting about?

Essentially, about Privacy and Security relationship, plus their side differences and how it can affect us or not:

  • We will mainly, and what will most of the replies be about: Discuss about it
  1. You can ask questions (that could be from simple to hard)
  2. Or/and you can give an answer (but give one proof of it, like sending a verified or known website about cybersecurity for example)

Let’s start with a question:

Is there a function in the data collecting that is actually a better idea to consider it, or should we be more of the more annonymous, the better?

Edit: pls don’t judge, criticize nor offend; we are welcome to correct a topic but making a such action will just get back into the division and it will just not be the objective of the post

The post was pure random but it was just a test, so ignore the Edits :skull:

its ok