Brownouts! Build a new ICQ server that can run all fully discontinued versions (ranging from 1.02b (1996) until 7.8 (2012))

Since ICQ shut down its old official servers that fully affected to all ICQ versions and builds that are released between ICQ 2000a and ICQ 7.x last Friday (R.I.P Classic ICQ (except for 8.x), November 15, 1996-December 28, 2018), I command you all to make your own classic ICQ servers that will support all classic versions (ICQ 8.x doesn’t count anymore because is the only classic version that is still working after the Friday update that prevented us from logging to classic ICQ version to avoid confussions to the emoji and sticker-related ICQ 10.x, which can be still be downloaded via, peepz) with all versions and builds ranging from ICQ 1.02b (1996) to ICQ 7.8 (2012), divided each one by the following links:

ICQ 1.x (1996-1997):
ICQ 98a (1997-1998):
ICQ 99a (1998-1999):
ICQ 2000a and 2000b (2000-2001):
ICQ 2001b (my favorite ICQ version) (2001):
ICQ 2002a (2002):
ICQ Pro 2003a and Pro 2003b (2002-2003):
ICQ Lite Beta and Alpha (2002-2003):
ICQ Lite 4.x (2004):
ICQ Lite 5.x (2005-2007):
ICQ 6.0 and 6.5 (2006-2009):
ICQ Lite 7.0 (2008):
ICQ 7.x (2010-2012):

If you want this pretty sad smiley that I obtained from a now-defunct Russian site named Fool’s House, which I obatained closely from that looks looks like this to cheer up, strictly due to ICQ shutting down its old servers that fully worked consecutively from 2000a to ICQ 7.8:

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be :clap: fucking :clap: patient
making a server isn’t just snapping your fingers and oh look, it works, it takes time, effort, and patience.
how else you think I found King’s Luxor? or maybe the dlls for their activex games?
why else do I keep bumping it, knowing nobody cares? because I’m devoted.

please, just be a bit patient.


OK fine! I’m patient! :wink:

I can confirm.

The screenshot is from an ICQ server project that I’m developing, and I’m barely done with the Authorizer -> ClientLogin bridge. I also have to refine the connection pool and make it handle idle/disconnected clients. Also, it took 2 days in total to get a decent base set up for this, most of it dedicated to getting the connection pool coded.


I don’t really think the ICQ revival servers would be that much active. I never heard any news of the Yahoo! revival servers. I still hear somewhat of the AIM revival servers.

Why no $"{code}text{code}"?:frowning:

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If there is no ICQ servers on google, then i am gonna make my own server


you are right