Breaking the silence

Ok so I love MSN and I have never joined this forum. I have followed Escargot for years from when it used the last of the WLM server run by MS to now.

You probably don’t know me but thats fine, thats not important.

What’s important is that today I was DM’d by @Eddy today on discord and he revealed that he is in the final process of patching WLM 2009. He said he has been testing various ways of patching it and to my suprise he has told me it worked with testing his public (but private WLM server), he confirmed to me it should connect to Escargot MSN. He is very good at patching and having read through these forums, I have seen the main issue is patching WLM 2009. Eddy is good at patching clients and working with server (well server is quuite challenging for him but he gets there eventually) He messaged me in the morning about it and I have tried to contact him later today but he hasn’t responded as I think he has taken a break from Escargot for a while due to his GCSEs coming up and stuff.

can you send us a screenshot of the dm

Show us proof

Prove it

He said the same thing in DMs, and he did not give me proof. Also he can’t post right now. It seems like he is busy, but will post proof and screenshots
BossTronPie Today at 10:10 PM
I will explain how I did it and provide screenshots soon (As my PC is off now). I'm really busy rn with GCSEs and personal stuff in my life. I only messaged as I was quite shocked and wanted you let ppl know b4 I go for a while. Trust me I have fixed it, I have to go now as I'm really busy doing stuff at this current time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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If during mid-march there is no proff. Then i would call BS on it and this will be a fake.



[citation needed]

(Slience is no longer broken)

23922 years later…


Why didn’t they send the info to someone else to test the patch properly and continue the work.

It’s like mid-march. There’s no proff.

This is total BS and this is fake.