Brand new to this

So, at the risk of sounding completely inept… How tf do I use the MSN service? It’s saying wrong email/password however I haven’t a clue what email I’m supposed to be using? A random microsoft email? Or my log in for this forum/escargot?

Error code/error message: 80048821

What has been tried so far: Microsoft email, email and password for Escargot.

Messenger version: 7.5

Windows version: 10

Have you been using the Email & Password you used to create your Escargot Account ?

Yep, tried that and a normal microsoft account.

Microsoft accounts won’t work.

What accounts will? I’ve tried what I used to sign up with for Escargot, which ends in

Have you created an account on Escargot ?

Yeah I have

You registered here right?

Register another one and try it again.