Bonzi Buddy Plushie

From RARE Bonzi Buddy Plush BRAND NEW/MINT 2001 Gold Membership Reward Purple Gorilla | #1889034688


ok this is straight up amazing

Gold membership everyone?


i want it

don’t tell you bought this :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I’ve never seen Bonzi Buddy as plushie, but from today I WANT THIS :stuck_out_tongue:

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bring a virus to your house!

mfw that was my old twitter pfp in 2017

I was wondering about the gold membership on the tag too, according to this tweet, the plush was offered to gold members as a benefit of paying. There’s a video as well:

Internet Archive has a snapshot of the page on what else you got with gold membership.

Not this time. Just a random find that I came across while looking for something else :slight_smile:.

look at this

Where do I sign up?

I think they would’ve got more subscriptions if the customers knew they were getting the plush.

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Actually they would’ve gotten even more if Bonzi wasn’t a spyware.