Bluesky Sites new

Skype is a good of new Bluesky if you

Is that link correct? It doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

What is the status of Bluesky these days anyway? This might help man

pretty sure it’s a fictional imaginary website (based on a legit project apparantly) made by a child with adhd/autism.

i’m not sure this this kid appears to know how to set websites up a little bit (he got the CNAME stuff working). but it seems like judging by the github pages 404 error this won’t have proper code (you cannot have dynamic sites using PHP, only static sites with javascript)

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Bluesky isn’t even out. They did make a website as a joke. The website won’t load because theres nothing or they shutted it down. The website is and the grammar is just… anyways.

that’s our test site, we haven’t even registered our main domain yet. i’m planning on doing that soon though

still in dev, basically a lot of trial and error. im gonna be using multiple languages to see which one is efficient enough

most likely, i think the same person joined the discord server and tried to post the same link. i deleted it out of fear if it would be malicious. anyways, the only domain registered is, which is our test domain. anyone who claims that there is a new domain, is blatantly lying.


wait so is bluesky an actual project or am i confused

it is, i wouldn’t spend almost 6 months just for some gag.

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oh, now i’m interested at this bluesky project (not the shitty freenom domain made by a 8 year old child whose profile picture is straight out of a fucking nursery rhyme video)

as someone born in 2007, that is definitivetly not the grammar of a person born in 2006, 8 year old me in 2015 had better grammar than this kid.

i found his youtube and HOLY FUCKING SHIT there’s no chance he’s 15.

jesus christ his videos are like a fever dream mixed with acid, i’ve been on this website for 11 years (have an account for 7 years) and i’ve never saw any videos that fucked up.

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Thanks for the update. Glad to hear :slight_smile:

Perhaps this person has a lot of mental illnesses.

i don’t care about your opinion sxcheese

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