BETA New MessengerGeek Forum design!

It’s look like WL 2009 again


AWESOME! Good work bro.

Splendid! Is this a concept or it is really functonable?

I hope @TReKiE see it and he will like it

Cool! @TReKiE needs to see this.

Wow :open_mouth: It’s so nice

@TReKie! see this :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, how did he react?)

(ice seems ice, is it a complete ice?)

Nice work dude :slight_smile:

Ice, sugar. Wtf? You do not know what to write or scoff at me?

Pretty neat. Would be awesome to implement as a new design. It really does show its “Windows Live” vibe.

Also cool my posts. :wink:

this is Windows live Messenger 2009 style ( or Windows live Messenger 8.5 style )? the atual style is from Windows live Messenger 2011 and 2012