BETA I made a concept of new site withe themes gadgets and other


Lol i made this prewiew with wix
(It’s concept. Content is absent and some links is not working)


Nice, i have loads of stuff and i can send you if you want to use in your website


i like it.


it’s Mercury Messenger, you forgot the “r”


Ouah it would be cool to have a new design for the Escargot website


oh yes, but i need domain and i don’t know how to publish sites


and then I can load content


loved it! would be awesome to have themes for escargot and the msn server :slight_smile:


Your site looks really nice! :slight_smile:


Nice work, bro!


nice site!


its nice but the way the thing is in the content area :stuck_out_tongue: well didnt catch my eye, try making submenus in the hader it will be more organized. while in the content area, just add news of what you added so far