Best videocard developer

  • ATI (AMD)
  • intel

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The Hates AMD but votes AMD


It’s your name, The. So vriskaserket is referring to you.

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i voted for ati

Ati is owned by amd, and they use the amd name on their gpus now

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The AMD GPU drivers are shit and people with Nvidia GPU’s get more performance in Minecraft over AMD GPU’s. I wish I wasn’t kidding…

The radeon rx580 and the vega gpus are pretyt good though.


the actual gpus have all the potential to be good but their drivers are fucking horse shit

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amd uses vega graphics idot i use nvidia geforce gtx1060 on my gaming pc

For myself, I went from Matrox to ATI, and then to AMD. However, objectively speaking, Nvidia might probably be the “best”, but only because they’ve spent a lot of time seducing developers into their proprietary APIs like CUDA and hardware encoding. Thankfully, more software has slowly been coming over to AMD and Intel options though.

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Well i like intel but i agree with anyone at NVIDIA and AMD :slight_smile:

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If best is most popular, than Intel definitely has it won. And Legitimately, although purely based on my own observations (so this could be wrong), modern integrated Intel GPUs are fairly decent, and driver stability seems to have really improved over the past few years.

Related to what I said above, seeing Intel as an option in software requirements (after Nvidia) is far more common than seeing AMD listed. A friend of mine uses Intel “Quick Sync” for live video encoding and it works great for their purposes.

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Lemme stop u right here

big mean green giant for best video and graphicc