Best theme to windows xp

hey folks, i decided revive my pc with windows XP and i want now good themes for it

Well, I also have a old PC running XP too, but decided to revive but I don’t have 1 Power Cable, 1 Monitor, Keyboard (The old one broken).
And the worst thing is The speaker become earrape When I put it on My OLD PC.
Decided to get sound cards (like Sound Blaster) instead. (or repair)

some themesТемы_для_Windows_в_стиле_Beta_версий

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Windows 2000 theme for XP (Classic Mode) is the best for performance. Don’t bother with nice fancy themes. I liked it much better when it looked like Windows 2000.

XP in a virtual machine runs perfect, but all other operating systems above that just resource hog.