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do you actually know how to animate?

yes but it’s very bad

Uh please, if you really want to animate (like me) install Adobe Flash CS6 Professional, scratch is not the best thing for animation, (not necessary) but buy a graphic tablet for drawing and animation.

here’s a thing i did in 2 minutes xD (i tried to do a speed draw)

use krita and where to find flash cs6?

But i have flash 8

N o

You are under 18, 16 and 13. You have a long way before being able to get money.

i give money to regularalessio so it can buy for me

why not just pirate it like i did


next frame


thats how your supposed to animate. it aint easy

This is a old license, you can’t buy Flash CS6 anymore.

yeah if you want cs6 your gonna have to pirate it

Isnt that the stick figures from « Animator Vs Animation » albeit « The Chosen One » and the orange guy are merged?

yeah they are. i just realized that. happy birthday btw

ooo happy birthday !