Banned twitr

lol my twitter account just banned
because of the fact that I put in the profile year of birth 2004

Wouldn’t Twitter stop you from creating an account in the first place if your date of birth was too recent? It sucks that they let you create an account anyway but then they just ban you later on.

Is that right though? 2018-2004=14, even taking in account months, you would still be at least 13.

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LMAO this is why I always set my DOB on accounts to xx-xx-1980. :stuck_out_tongue:

the most interesting thing is that I’m registered on Twitter since may 2013 (when I was 9 years old) and I did not see any content banned for children, although I rarely saw “furry” accounts with pornographic pictures
very strange twitter rules to be honest. anyone can put a false birth date, we watched porn as they could =)

that’s creepy as fok